Why Is Security Important When Managing An Event?

Why Is Security Important When Managing An Event?

Without the correct security in place, many events would simply be a disaster. The bottom line is, the safety of guests is dependent on how strong the security of that event is. Whether it is a large-scale football game or a high-end business conference, ...

What should be included in an event security plan?

What Should Be Included In An Event Security Plan?

Any event - big or small - must have a well thought out security plan in order to carry out a safe and successful event. For everything to run smoothly it requires extensive planning, expert security and well trained staff. But what should be included in an event security plan? Although every single event is unique and has different requirements; when it comes to implementing a security plan, there are a few things that must be included to keep everyone safe.

How do you ensure a successful event?

How Do You Ensure A Successful Event?

When it comes to planning any type of event, there is always one thing in common that all stakeholders aim for - a safe, secure and successful event. Whether it’s a football match, a concert or a conference, a correct plan must be put in place to ensure the safety of both the staff, attendees and any other stakeholders. Of course you cannot eliminate every single event security risk but you can put things in place to reduce the likelihood of any serious incidents, minimising the chance of any harm occurring and discouraging agitators from committing harmful acts. Any time a large group of people gets together at an event, the risk of a security threat increases. It is a shocking statistic to think that 53% of meeting and event organisers don’t have event-specific crisis management in place - the potential for harm is simply too great not to take event security seriously. So with that said, how do you ensure a successful event?

How Has COVID-19 Affected People In The Event Security Industry?

How Has COVID-19 Affected People In The Event Security Industry?

The event security industry has faced many hurdles over the past 18 months during the pandemic. One of the hardest impacts we experienced during COVID-19 was the closure of hospitality, venues and the cancellation of events all over the world. This took a huge toll on the industry and as a result left people, including security guards, out of work with no certainty of when they would be able to go back. As the world starts to open up again, the industry is facing a severe shortage of staff, which is now bringing into focus how COVID-19 has affected people in the event security industry.  

What is the importance of security services at events?

What Is The Importance Of Security Services At Events?

Ensuring security at events is – and always should be – one of the most essential parts of any event planner’s role. Whether you are hosting a business conference or a music festival, having strong security is essential in bringing a sense of safety and stability to your event. Investing in a good, reliable security partner is worth it because your ultimate goal is to guarantee the safety and security of your guests and attendees.

What is the role of a steward at an event?

What Is The Role Of A Steward At An Event?

The role of a steward is often overlooked but if you’ve been to a football match, concert, festival or any public event, you’ll have encountered stewards and the invaluable work they perform. However, what is the role of a steward at an event?

How to create an event safety plan

How To Create An Event Safety Plan

Whether you’re organising a non-league football match with 200 spectators or a major festival with 50,000 people in attendance, planning for event safety is absolutely key. A safe, secure event plays a critical role in making it a successful one, ensuring your customers return in future.

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