What should be included in an event security plan?

What Should Be Included In An Event Security Plan?

Any event – big or small – must have a well thought out security plan in order to carry out a safe and successful event. For everything to run smoothly it requires extensive planning, expert security and well trained staff. But what should be included in an event security plan? Although every single event is unique and has different requirements; when it comes to implementing a security plan, there are a few things that must be included to keep everyone safe.

A risk assessment

A risk assessment should always be an essential component of any event security plan; this is where you will be able to identify any potential dangers and take appropriate measures to mitigate them accordingly. Typically, the scale of the risk assessment required will usually depend on the size of the event it is catering for. For example, every event will need to have a standard risk assessment carried out, allowing you to address specific issues that may arise and endanger either attendees, staff or suppliers; but for larger productions, you may also factor in an event management plan. 

In order to manage risk, you must be able to identify and analyse any dangers in the first place. Therefore, you can deploy a number of risk management techniques, selecting the correct procedures to follow, before implementing them and following the results. Ultimately, it is about trying to identify what could go wrong and the appropriate measures that can be taken to avoid this. Although we are now moving away from the pandemic restrictions, staff may also be required to wear facemasks or gloves to keep themselves protected – during your safety plan you should be establishing when and where these need to be worn in order to follow the correct guidelines and keep your staff safe.

What should be included in an event security plan?

Develop an emergency plan

In the case of an emergency, fire or other circumstances, an evacuation plan is needed. In most cases the emergency plan won’t need to be put in place but everyone must be aware of what to do if the worst was to happen. It is also important to create a contingency plan; this is a course of action that an organisation will take if an unexpected emergency or situation occurred. It will be discussed with emergency services who will have a copy and know the amount of staff and guests attending the event. First aid facilities will also need to be on site for any minor emergencies that can be dealt with by trained first aiders. Team members must also be clear on what to do in the event of an emergency; including how relevant information and instructions would be communicated to everyone. For attendees especially, there needs to be signposted emergency exits as well as fire exits – remember they don’t know the site as well as you will. 

A car parking plan 

This is often something that inexperienced event organisers brush over; however, an event can be ruined simply by badly managed car parking. Whether your event is big or small, there needs to be a reliable car parking plan for your guests – there is nothing more frustrating than the stress of not getting a parking space or being stuck in a queue and missing half the event. As part of this plan, you must establish how many cars are approximately going to be showing up and how you are going to manage large volumes of traffic. Have you engaged with relevant Safety Authority Groups? Do you need to secure Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders? It’s always good to allow attendees to reserve parking spaces so that they know whether or not they are able to drive; this will also help to avoid the overflowing of car parks as you know what to expect. 

What should be included in an event security plan?

Effective crowd management

Whenever crowds of people are involved, there is potential for safety to be compromised which is why effective crowd management is vital. When creating a crowd management plan there are a few questions that need to be established. These include; how are you going to get people through the gates without overcrowding? How are the large influxes of people going to be managed? What type of crowd are you expecting? 

A plan also needs to be put in place to ensure guests know exactly where to go and that there are no easily accessible back doors or gates that would mean people can enter or leave the event area and be potentially injured. To help with the crowd’s safety, there must be clear signage, lighting and entry zones placed throughout the entire venue. This ensures everyone knows where to find assistance and how to locate where they need to be.

What should be included in an event security plan?

Appropriate training for all staff

Once the event security plan has been decided and established, all staff need to be trained on safety procedures and their specific roles. It is important that everyone knows exactly what they need to do – especially in the case of an emergency. For everything to run smoothly, staff must be equipped with the correct tools, training, safety measures and equipment to keep them safe at all times. It is vital that all staff members are strongly trained in what to do for emergencies and how to follow a clear safety procedure if it is needed. The safety of the staff is just as much a priority as those attending the event – after all, they are what helps make everything happen. 

So, what should be included in an event safety plan? It is easy to see that each individual sector of the plan is what ensures the safety of both attendees, staff and suppliers. Without a risk assessment, emergency plan and the correct training for staff, events will struggle to run smoothly and – more importantly – safely. 

Here at Newman Event Services, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of expert event security services. Our staff hold a strong and in-depth knowledge of the event security sector and are always on hand to provide you with any additional information or help you may need. You can contact us today on 01295 722844 or enquiries@newmanevents.co.uk for a confidential discussion with one of our experts.

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