What is the importance of security services at events?

What Is The Importance Of Security Services At Events?

Ensuring security at events is – and always should be – one of the most essential parts of any event planner’s role. Whether you are hosting a business conference or a music festival, having strong security is essential in bringing a sense of safety and stability to your event. Investing in a good, reliable security partner is worth it because your ultimate goal is to guarantee the safety and security of your guests and attendees. It is easy to see that security is used across many areas of society, but what is the importance of security services at events? Of course, safety is a crucial aspect, however it is so much more. Without the correct safety procedures, an event simply would not be able to run. 

What is the importance of security services at events?

Security deters intruders

Having on-site and visible security at your event is one of the best ways to help deter any intruders or troublemakers. Sadly, when any type of event is held not everyone is there for the same reasons, so it is vital that you have people there who can deal with this. When an attendee can see that there is a strong security presence, they are less likely to partake in any anti-social or disruptive behaviour. Furthermore, it can also deter those seeking to cause harm or even access your event without permission. Security officers also have the power to remove guests from the event; for example if an attendee is being drunk and disorderly, an officer can calmly and professionally remove that person from the situation. They are also able to keep an eye on any suspicious behaviour.

It offers peace of mind

Hosting any type of event is a stressful job, no matter what or how big it is, so having the right precautions in place can give you that peace of mind. Safety continues to be the number one issue for event planners; 55% cited safety concerns as the biggest obstacle for hosting live events. Luckily, security officers are trained to deal with a number of situations and emergencies. As an event organiser or host, you want your job to be as stress free as possible, ensuring that the event runs as smoothly and successfully. Having security for your events can play an integral role in helping to achieve this. Without their presence, a minor situation could easily turn into something much worse than it needs to be. With large crowds of people, there is always a risk for attendees to become rowdy, especially if it is an event that offers alcohol or has a huge, overwhelming atmosphere. Security officers are on-site to help avoid this from occurring; they are able to step in and de-escalate any situations and can offer manned guarding throughout the day. 

Assists with crowd management

As things start to open up again, festivals, sporting events and concerts will once again draw large crowds. These can lead to congestion and other crowd-related issues if not managed properly. It is essential that organisers are assessing any potential safety concerns. Security can be used to implement the necessary measures which then means that risks are reduced and monitored. Some offices can be trained in crowd management, giving them the tools to deal with big crowds accordingly. They can also direct guests to the correct seating and limit entry to certain areas. Having the extra assistance in security can help to take some of the load off the event staff’s shoulders. 

What is the importance of security services at events?

Contacting local authorities

In some cases, the police or other emergency services are also needed on-site. If a bad incident occurs then this will most likely mean that external assistance is needed. Security is able to get that help as soon as possible. This is also an important aspect for attendees because they can feel safe knowing they have both security and emergency services on hand at all times.  

Parking management 

Something that isn’t always thought about is parking. Security within parking is also crucial for a smooth flowing event to happen. They can work with event stewards to help ensure traffic flows and your guests only park in the spaces that have been designated for that specific event. It is ultimately a key logistical element of your event that will positively contribute to your guests’ experience – exactly what you want. 

Here at Newman Event Services we offer event parking and traffic management which includes comprehensive traffic management solutions to ensure your events safety. Having security looking at parking also means that a safe environment is provided for when attendees are returning to their cars after the event  – on occasion, this could be after dark. Of course, there is  the peace of mind that your car is being watched whilst you are at the event so there is no worry of it being stolen or vandalised.   

Having a trusted, reliable security services partner at your event is clearly of the utmost importance. Your staff and attendees safety is paramount and having fully equipped and trained event security professionals is a way to help achieve this.

At Newman Event Services, we are an industry-recognised provider of services to the events industry. We are proud to offer a wide range of services to ensure that you can have a safe and secure event. Our expert team is able to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible. If you would like more information then do not hesitate to get in touch on 01925 722844 or email us on enquiries@newmanevents.co.uk. If you would like to see the services we offer and how we can help, visit our website today at www.newmanevents.co.uk.   

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