What is the role of a steward at an event?

What Is The Role Of A Steward At An Event?

As the events industry starts to come back to life the need for security is high. Quite often it is the role of a security guard that everyone first thinks of for a person working at an event or venue. The role of a steward is often overlooked but if you’ve been to a football match, concert, festival or any public event, you’ll have encountered stewards and the invaluable work they perform. However, what is the role of a steward at an event? What do they actually do? Ultimately they are there for your protection and to make your experience as safe but enjoyable as possible.

What is the role of a steward at an event?

What is a steward?

They are trained team members that play an essential role in ensuring that the event runs properly, making sure everyone in attendance is safe. Stewards have many different responsibilities and are able to undertake a wide variety of roles. These include offering a reassuring, personable presence; managing who enters the event and taking on the responsibility of dealing with any anti-social behaviour. They can also undertake any searches that need to take place, though they must hold an appropriate qualification such as the Level 2 Certificate in Spectator Safety to do so legally. Furthermore, when it comes to searches, they must work directly for the stadium or arena where the event is taking place to be able to carry them out. Stewards plan an integral role in overseeing crowd control, helping an event go ahead as planned while maintaining the health and safety of the public in attendance. They work at events such as sports events, music festivals, demonstrations and protests, car rallies and major transport hubs. 

What are their responsibilities?

As a steward you have many different responsibilities across the event; both before, during and after. One of them being the prevention of overcrowding at the venue. This is especially important because the overcrowding of events is what most commonly leads to dangerous incidents, so trained stewards can prevent this. They are also responsible for knowing where the fire exits and escape routes are to ensure that if the worst were to happen, they could guide people out during an emergency evacuation. Stewarding staff also take a high level of responsibility in watching out for any hazards that could cause harm to anyone attending that specific event. 

Furthermore, they’re also on hand to carry out ticket entry checks and traffic/pedestrian management (crossing points, pedestrian walkways) ensuring drivers and pedestrians are able to access and leave the site in a safe, orderly fashion.

What is the role of a steward at an event?

Why do you need stewarding at your event?

There are many benefits to having stewards present and it has most certainly become a necessity when organising events. Organising any type of event is never easy or simple; it can be stressful and come with complications. A steward allows things to run smoothly because you are able to delegate different tasks to a range of qualified people who can then carry them out. When it comes to an event, it is important to carry out a risk assessment; this allows you to check for any health and safety risks that may occur during the occasion. This is also a good way to see how many stewards will be needed for this. A good rule of thumb for an adequate number of stewards is as follows: 1-100 participants = at least one steward per 10 participants and one per venue. Having a properly designed ingress & egress plan will also help inform the amount of stewards required. It may well be you need X amount to ticket check and direct the public coming in but once the majority are in, the stewards role may switch to other duties within the event or preparing the site/venue ready for everyone to safely leave.

Another important aspect of stewarding is that they help the event feel safer which ultimately makes it more enjoyable for those attending. They don’t just offer security to the crowd and venue, but also reassurance to people in attendance. People know they have a safe person they can go to if they need help with anything; they are normally the first point of contact for the attendees so the need to be professional is important. Like many things there is always the risk that someone attending is not there for the right reasons; they can be there with the intention to cause some form of havoc. A steward is able to quickly intervene and sort any situation like this out. 

What is the role of a steward at an event?

How does a steward prepare for an event?

Preparation is one of the most important parts of anything; no matter how big or small the event is, all staff members must be fully prepared. Stewards should always be well equipped at an event, as one of the most vital things they complete beforehand is an equipment check. They must ensure that they have everything and that it all works. This is so that they know they can complete their job correctly to a high standard. Radio and battery checks are also carried out to make sure all communication is clear and easy to receive. The time before the event is used mainly to figure out if there are any problems so that they can be sorted as soon as possible.

Without a steward an event would struggle to run as smoothly. So there is no one simple answer to the question of ‘what is the role of a steward at an event?’ because they play so many different roles within events. They help keep people protected, give a safe presence for attendees and allow things to run with ease. They give staff and people attending the reassurance that if the worst was to happen it can be dealt with in a professional manner.

At Newman Event Services, we take attention to detail very seriously, as it plays an integral role in the delivery of a safe, secure and successful event. We have highly trained-professionals with qualifications in the event stewarding field and every member of our team is on-hand to provide a friendly, welcoming presence throughout the duration of your event.

If you feel that event stewarding is something that you would like more information about then do not hesitate to get in touch on 01295 722844 or email us on equiries@newmanevents.co.uk. For more details about our stewarding and how it can benefit you visit http://newmanevents.co.uk/event-stewarding/.

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